Synthesis 2-AlkylCyclohexanones by Free- Radical Addition

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مهند موسى كريم الحجامي
11/11/2017 06:28:26

First time Kharash showed that, by a free- radical addition cycloketones to unsaturated
compounds and as a result generate the appropriate derivative ketones [1]. This idea was
implemented and a number of scientists synthesized as a result of numerous derivatives
cycloketones using as a baseline components of olefin hydrocarbons [2-4], vinyl ethers [5, 6],
acrylonitrile [7], vinylketone [8], allyl compounds [9, 10 ]. The authors used organic peroxides
and hydroperoxides as a initiator.
Modern chemistry cycloketones and its successful application in various industries as
aromatic substances [11] to get cycloalcohol, plasticizers [12], super glues [13], it s need the
development of environmentally sound and economically viable way to obtain 2-
alkylcyclohexanones. In previous work[14] we have studied the reaction of accession to
synthesis alkylcyclopentanones using inorganic compounds as initiator ammonium persulfate
In this paper, continuing this trend, we have studied free-radical accession cyclohexanone to
olefines .
Experimental Part:
Reaction addition cyclohexanone to the olefines conducted in autoclave manufactured from
stainless steel. In autoclave downloaded source component cyclohexanone and initiator AMP. In
the hermetically closed autoclave filed through the connections of the container calculated the
quantity of ethylene . Autoclave heated to 100 ?C for 5 hours ,when the reaction was complete
depending on the quantity of reacted ethylene, the pressure was reduce. The remaining unreacted
ethylene removed through connections and liquid condensate separated and got 2-
ethylcyclohexanone.The degree of purity alkylcyclohexanone determined to Gas Liquid
Chromatography, LH-8MD. Terms of the analysis are: liquid phase 10% of the liquid phase mass
ethylene glygol succenate on chrome layer, length columns 1.5 m, the temperature of the
evaporator, columns and detector 200, 130 and 100 ?C respectively, the speed of Helium-gas
vehicle is 45 ml/ min., IR spectra of the device was removed at the UR-20 in a solvent CCl4

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